Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The second week of spring break we decided to get passes to Legoland.  We figured we should do it before Kylie was too old to enjoy it.  When we talked to her about it, she asked about doing Disneyland passes instead.  We explained the difference between the two in price, blackout dates, parking and ease of getting to the parks.  Legoland won by a landslide.  For some reason, we feel obligated to take Bryn and Zander to Disneyland someday (they were too young to remember the last time we went).  But neither Justin or I are fans of the crowds, long lines and ridiculous prices.  We'll wait until they're old enough to never forget it.  Or maybe they'll just have to put it on their bucket list as adults, lol.

We've thoroughly enjoyed our Legoland passes and definitely gotten our money's worth and made good family memories.

This is the robot programming station.  You have to program your robot to reach checkpoints and find the treasure.  Pretty fun.

Love the big, semi-gummy, grin.

The cities in mini-land are so cool.

Goofy kids taking a break in the shade.

We saw the set of the "Lego Movie".  Watch out for the kragle!

Bryn found her beloved Eiffel Tower.

The Fairy Tale ride is my favorite.  It's slow and mostly in the shade and the line is always really short.  I would laugh and say it's because I'm getting older but, the truth is, I've never been a fan of roller coasters.  Bryn and Zander go on coasters that I'm too scared to.  I went on one and had Bryn's hand in a death grip the whole time.

The Sea Life Aquarium at Legoland is not our favorite.  They showcase sea creatures found in southern California waters.  There are mostly ugly brown carp-looking fish.  The jellyfish and sea horses are fun to look at.  The annoying part is that once you enter the aquarium, you have to follow the path all the way through to the end.  You can't just go straight to the exhibits you like and skip the rest.  We did it once so the kids could see it but that was enough.

Get me outta here!

Spring Break 2015

The first day of vacation always starts out great with siblings playing together so nicely.  This time the army men were waging battle.

Star Wars squinkies are taking the high ground.

Let the battle begin!  Someday I'm going to miss having these foot-piercing displays around the house.

When relations between the two sides began to deteriorate, we tapped into our crafty side.  One of Brayden's teachers hosts a sock monster club at school.  The students can go to her class during lunch and learn how to sew these funny creatures.  Brayden was totally into it.  We went to the dollar store and bought some colorful socks to make our own.  The neighbor kids joined us.  

They are pretty easy to make.  I had to thread the needles and show them where to sew but, other than that and the button eyes, the kids did everything.

The older boys even participated.

Our masterpieces...

...faces only a child who created it could love.

Much to the kids' dismay, we also did major yard work during spring break.  Justin was working crazy long hours at a job that was stressing him out.  There's nothing we could do to relieve his stress at work but we could take care of things at home so he'd have less to worry about.  The yard had been sorely neglected for many weeks so we (okay, I) decided to get it back in order.  The kids and I worked a couple hours each morning before it became unbearably hot, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, trimming bushes and pulling more weeds.  Why oh why did God create weeds?!?

Kylie and I had a bit of trouble starting the lawnmower.  We pulled out the owner's manual thinking that something was broken.  Turns out, you just need to put a lot of muscle into it!

The green waste trash can was so full, only the strong could move it.

This, and many other areas like it, were so covered in weeds that you couldn't see the dirt.  It looks so much better now!  We later covered it with wood chips to, hopefully, help control the weed comeback.

After working in the sun, the kids cooled off in the sprinklers on the trampoline with a water balloon fight.

 We also had a beach day during the break.

Bryn and Avery

Hunter and Brayden

We took a big shovel and they made their tunnel big enough for them to fit through.

It was a fabulous first week of spring break...I love having the kids home!  (As long as we can stay busy enough to avoid fighting :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I've put off blogging about the animal that joined our family back in May 2014 because I couldn't find anything nice to say about her.  She has soiled the carpet, chewed a wall, eaten sprinklers, dug holes in the yard, gets separation anxiety when we have to board her, and doesn't realize that people don't want a 65 lb. bundle of muscle jumping on them when they come to our house.  She's a Weimaraner and, typical of her breed, full of energy and anxiety.  Bryn and I weren't fully on board with her coming home with us but it's hard to stand in the way of four other people begging for a dog.  I have to admit that she's gotten better since we brought her home.  When she's calm, she can even be enjoyable.

We got her as a puppy.  Her large paws were an indication of how much she would grow.  She is a good-looking dog, I'll give her that.

We wanted to turn the chicken run into a dog run so the chickens had to go to a new home.  They had stopped laying eggs anyways.  Brayden and Bryn were sad to see them go.  I felt bad that they were upset about saying goodbye to their feathered friends.

Take care Susan...

...and Alien.

Goodbye Bolt and Flotsom...

...and Jetsom.

Bryn and Brayden went with us to the farm where the chickens were relocated.  The lady there gives them to 4H kids to care for and enter in local fairs.  The chickens immediately started scratching for all the bugs in their new home.  They were happy.

Back on the puppy front...training a puppy takes a lot of work!  It's a good thing Justin was working from home most days during that time.  I had done my time staying home with four human babies and I was not so keen on taking care of a canine one.

Zander has dubbed the dog "Stormpooper" and a can of Febreeze has become part of our living room decor...so classy.

Almost two years old and her favorite thing is still snuggling with humans.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Great Hair-do's

While going through photos from the past year, I found some more cute hairstyles we tried on Kylie and Bryn. I don't get to do their hair very often these days.  Kylie leaves the house at 5:40 every morning.  She usually has just enough time to get ready, no time for fancy hairstyles.  Bryn only ever wants her hair pulled back in a ponytail or simple braid.  I have to beg her to let me do her hair.  I miss doing hair!

This is an old one from November 2014.  She's changed so much in just one year!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mouse Trap Car

Did you know you can make a self-propelled car out of a mouse trap and CDs?  Probably something you'd only know if you're taking an 8th grade science class.

It traveled about 25 feet.