Friday, June 5, 2009

Cheep, Cheep, Cheep

After months of talking about it we FINALLY brought home four baby chicks today! We knew we couldn't get them until the chicken coop was near completion. The chicks will live in a box in the laundry room for the next two months. It takes us so long to finish projects around here (gee, I wonder why?) that we wanted to be sure they'd have a home to move into when they're big enough. Justin and Duane worked hard on Memorial Day and the coop just needs a few finishing touches.

The experts tested the chicken coop thoroughly. (And, yes, Bryn is wearing a fancy dress. I hid this particular dress on a shelf in her closet but she discovered it and insisted on being "a princess" for the day.)

The two little doors for egg-napping the hens' potential offspring function properly...also good for surprising baby brothers.

If princesses can fit through the door then it must be big enough for chickens.

The kids picked out their own cute, soft, fluffy Rhode Island Reds from the feed store. The chicks cheeped ALOT on the car ride home and I was getting a little worried that maybe this would be like waking up with a newborn baby during the night. But once they got settled into their new home they calmed down and rarely make a peep. Unless terrorized by the giant baby. Zander gets so excited when he sees the chicks. He's a little hesitant to touch them (for now, I'm sure that'll change) but when he gets enough courage it ends up being more of a smack or stranglehold than a gentle pat. He also tries to climb into the box with his new friends.

Meet Susan (Kylie's), Transformer (Brayden's), Alien (Bryn's--no idea where that came from) and Uuugghh!(Zander's--that's a direct quote).


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